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I am almost embarrassed to share this super easy lesson plan with you, but right now I am in the middle of a love affair with collocations and all my classes, no matter the level, are working with collocations. I am not going to give you an obnoxious list of collocations and ask you to learn them by heart. , but you’ll surely agree with me that there is no point in learning the adjective “, but that’s it!! (at the end of this post, you’ll find some interesting links to learn more about collocations) So, take a deep breath and follow me! Below you’ll see some of the collocations I am going to use, but this activity will work with any collocation: Offer help if necessary. Speaking activity using the speed-dating technique. They have 4 minutes to talk asking and answering the question they have written containing the collocation.

Though students don’t really need to be familiar with the term, it might be a good idea to introduce the concept. These conventional combinations of words, chosen naturally by the English speakers to express an idea, are called “collocations”. Some students will remain seated during the whole event (in real speed dating, women remain seated).

That is, if Hannah shows interest in Scott and only Scott, Scott will be more interested in dating Hannah.

But if Hannah shows interest in Scott (Finkel & Eastwick, 2009) – It turns out that the mere act of approaching someone (in contrast to being approached by someone) makes that someone seem more attractive.

To my never-ending delight, being a social psychologist can sometimes make me feel like I have an insider’s guide to social life.

When I discovered that two dear friends of mine were about to try speed dating for the first time, I couldn’t help offering some (yes, unsolicited) terribly handy research-based advice: “Be selective!

Then, a bell rings and “men” need to stand up and move to their right to start a new conversation and the whole process is repeated again.

I didn’t have a bell so I used a Class Timer (here).

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But at the end of the evening he’ll sadly discover that she didn’t rate him highly, and he won’t be the only disappointed and confused person in the room (nor will Hannah be the only person wielding flirtation in this style). When me and my friend got some free Barcelona Speed dating tickets from our friends at Date Club last Saturday, we started a heated discussion if we should go or not and ended up saying yes but we seemed to be both excited and ashamed at the same time. Of course I never thought I’d end up speed dating in Barcelona, but hey, you have to give everything a try if you want to have a Barcelona date, right?Despite endorsing these traditional gendered preferences before speed dating, both men and women end up preferring attractive, personable speed dating partners with good earning prospects, both for the short- and long-term.So while we may rely on traditional stereotypes when anticipating what we’ll like in a partner, in the heat of the speed dating moment, men and women alike just want a friendly, good-looking partner with reasonable prospects for the future.

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