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Some girls actually dropped out because they were scared of what would happen to my family.” Over the following few years, the village slowly started supporting the women, and according to both Sanjaya and Carothers, surfing began having an obvious positive effect on the women in the village.“A typical woman in Sri Lanka wakes up in the morning, cleans, makes breakfast and she’s cooking and cleaning all day long,” says Carothers.“Her brother was not keen on her surfing at all,” recalls Carothers.“To be one of the only women out in the water, what that can do to a family and how that can make them look when you’re being different from all the other women in the village…I know he just wanted to protect his family and not get a bad name.” To avoid her brother’s overt disapproval, Sanjaya would sneak in surf sessions with Carothers when she knew her brother would be in another village.

The Sri Lankan military continues to maintain a strong presence in the country’s North and East, including the Jaffna Peninsula.

However, security forces will continue to be deployed throughout the country to maintain public order.

Expect increased security measures, including a police force and military presence on roads, at key installations and in populated areas.

Intercommunal tensions have led to instances of civil unrest and acts of violence following the terrorist attacks of April 2019. Demonstrations occur regularly in Colombo, and occasionally elsewhere in the country.

Even peaceful demonstrations can turn violent at any time.

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