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The media claims we are all sissies, sex-crazed maniacs and haters of sports. So, friends, let’s get to debunking gay stereotypes: This is extremely untrue, not to mention totally mind-boggling. My boyfriend is not the "man," and I am most definitely am not the "woman."We are not Betty and Steve; we are Adam and Steve. If you can’t wrap your head around the idea two men can love each other without taking on traditional gender role, or if you’re having trouble coping with our sexual identity, please go see a doctor and leave us alone. Some gay men prefer Monday Night Football to box seats at "Cats."For the love of all that is holy, hell no. While I am sure some gay male relationships operate on this dichotomy, it's just damn wrong to generalize it in all gay relationships. Someone in my family always calls me a "gossip gayty." I can't help but wonder, "What does that ?

The male-female dichotomy is madly heteronormative. Although in some situations one of us is more feminine than the other, this isn't always true for every relationship. Don’t even get me started on the term “queen.” It's unbelievably insensitive in and of itself, but alas, I digress. I do not dream about hooking up with you, "straight" boy in the locker room. Although a person may prefer one form of intimacy to another (and both are fun), most committed, long-term gay relationships are what we term "versatile."You are both a top and a bottom.

Stereotypes are used in a way to dehumanize and make being gay something people can only be “comfortable with” or “cope with."When is society going to accept we are human beings, not objects? That's why I am always shocked when people are so deliriously surprised I know so much about every sport. Sorry (not sorry), but that, my friends, is a great song. )I hate to break it to you, but not all gay guys even like theatre. It’s like he had never even heard of a tailor.)Okay, married. I think I can speak for the entire gay community when I say, please start remembering we are more than the labels you have pressed on us.

No one should never feel pressured to subscribe to the watered-down societal tropes history has attempted to serve us. Whether you like men, women, both or neither, you deserve to be yourself. My first boyfriend hated it so much that he let his mom buy all of his clothes. He looked very handsome.)To say all gay men are feminine is to take away our male identity and personhood, and it make us just another one of "the gals."I love my female friends, but I am a man who happens to love men. All people (yes, including gay men) have varied interests. Gay men have a reputation for being promiscuous and sex-obsessed, which probably stems from the widespread and public popularity of hook-up apps like Grindr. Many of us are in committed relationships, and some of us are even married (But for the record, no slut-shaming.)It's 2015, and we can sleep with whomever, wherever and as many times as we like. Yes, I love gossip as much as the next person, but gossip is not somehow a “gay” thing. ) straight boys love a good piece of drama just as much as the next gay or gal. I am pretty delicate, and my glutes were a wee bit sore after my first pilates class with my sister last week. Have you seen those gays who bench press 300 pounds in the gym? Don’t get me wrong; I love my gals, but I have friends. Please leave us alone, and let us spread our love around and continue to singlehandedly stimulate the American wedding industry.

The Star Wars character Watto has been likened to traditional antisemitic caricatures.

The idea of the large "Jewish nose" remains one of the most prevalent and defining features to characterize someone as a Jew.

Just like fellow Jewish women Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, Dianna Agron, Scarlett Johansson, Idina Menzel, Lea Michele, Mila Kunis, Bar Rafaeli, Kat Dennings, Evan Rachel Wood, Rachel Weisz, Lizzy Caplan, Ashley Tisdale... And furthermore: This might be the #1 most frequent thing people blurt out when they find out I'm Jewish. But personally, limiting my already-tiny New York dating pool to an even smaller demographic of people based on certain religious restrictions that I don't even believe in so that I can fulfill my singular purpose in life — 100 percent Jewish children — is not an idea that appeals to me.

Any Jewish girl (or any girl, or any human being) worth a damn won't care how much money you make.

Are you one of those fake redheads who always brags about what a sassy redhead you are?

Stereotypes may be grounded in the truth or be complete and utter falsehoods, but they are dangerous regardless of where they come from.

The oppression and repression of gay men throughout history — from ancient times and early Christianity to the modern AIDS crisis — has been rooted in fear and falsities. Some of my fondest memories growing up are from going to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. I do, of course, but many don’t.(You should’ve seen that man with the ill-fitting khakis and wrinkled tie on the L yesterday.

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