Strand speed dating for book lovers

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With more than 90 years of history, over 18 miles of books and more than 200 employees, you know the Strand is packed with secrets.

Credit: Strand Bookstore Fred Bass, pictured here in the store in the 1970s, worked at the buying desk on weekdays until he died on Jan. Bass worked at the store since he was 13 years old in 1941. "I wanted to keep working and not go on a fishing trip for the rest of my life.Pictured, shoppers browse Strand Bookstore's outdoor display in Fi Di on June 8, 1989.Credit: Newsday / Richard Lee Well, someone else's trash, maybe.Julianne Moore (pictured) stopped by in 2009; many celebs also come as part of organized events and readings.Credit: Strand Bookstore In the movie "Remember Me," Robert Pattinson plays a Strand employee and even had a special name tag made for him in the store.

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