The truth about online dating scientific american

Sadly, lying is already very common and not just on online platforms.Even when you meet a person face to face there is a high chance of being lied to.This made it easier to meet people outside the groups you interact with most ánd to find exactly what you are looking for in a partner (Lee, 2016).With every new wave of inventions, humanity progressed, but the recent technological advances are indescribable.This made looking for contact by taking out a personal ad less safe.In the 1920s, personal ads became mainstream again.‘ Table 1: Percentage of people who lie about their height, weight or age (Hancock et al., 2007).Even though these are ‘small’ lies, this does provide a picture of how much people (already) lie.

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To explain this question in more depth, I will first specify the terms 'risks’ and ‘online dating’.

Please note that this number is not included with people who lie about personal characteristics, which means that this extremely high rate will become even higher when these people are included.

According to a study done by the Scientific American (2007), this percentage comes at 90%.

For all these people and others who are interested, this article will provide an insight into the risks of online dating.

Online dating may sound like it's only been around for a couple of years, but in fact, a similar practise started long before the advent of the internet.

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