Tobacco dating codes

If a code reads 1230 it means that the expiration date is the 123rd…

The way the expiration date is expressed on cigarette packs varies, so you have to know the "code" for the brand.

This combination of rarity and demand drives prices up into the hundreds and sometimes even the thousands of dollars.

To bring top prices tins need to be in good condition without areas of the lithography scraped off, without fading, rust, dents or other defects and preferable with a nice shine to the finish of the tin.

The first character of the last 2 characters should be a letter and the very last character is a number. A = January, B= February, C = March, D = April, E = May, F = June, G = July, H = August, Then they skip I because it looks like a One (1), so J = September and so on.. I hope that helps everyone out so we don't all have to call Grizzly to ask.

The last character is a number and it is the last digit of the year. I don't know why they just don't print the date like everyone else. To read the expiration dates on Timberwolf tobacco, locate the series of number and letters on the package.

There are rare variants for most of these brands as well, but 99% of these tins will be common and worth or less.

Mid Level Tobacco Tins usually sell for -80 and include tins that are somewhat scarce, have moderate demand, or for whatever reason collectors are willing to pay elevated prices for.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

The first 4 numbers and letters will be the expiration date.

The letter in the beginning signifies the month that it is good for and the next 3 numbers signify the date. Where do you read the Julian Code on Manischewitz products?

I live in Europe, and we don't have those marks on the packs.

I see some code on the bottom of my pack, but it doesn't add up with the guide for Camel.

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