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Shit is happening there, skyscrapers are going up all over the place and people are immigrating from all over the region (and the world) to get in on the party.

That was at a somewhat fancy place and prices at super high end places can be as high as SGD ( USD).

Have a little predrinking party at your place with your duty free booze or at least cheap beer from 7-11 before you go out and make sure you are pretty drunk when you arrive at the club.

Networking – Singapore is full of cool rich trust fund kids and other door openers, if you’re a cool single dude one might take you under his wing, get you into clubs and start letting you drink his bottle service.

Go out of your way to speak to him when you can and show a strong interest in his life, from his hobbies and his career to his family and friendships.

Run into him "by accident." Make him feel like your connection is kismet.

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There’s great party there and an enormous number of hot chicks, but despite those advantages Singapore is absolutely a recommended single dude travel destination.

If you have encountered a guy that you envision being with but are not sure if he feels the same way about you, it can keep you up all night feeling lovelorn and lost.

Take matters into your own hands to become the recipient of the affections of your number one guy. Although it may sound silly, this can help you to establish a little bit of intrigue with the guy you like, which may draw him in even closer. One way to charm a guy is by treating him in a manner that makes him feel like he's special to you.

Why pay a shitload for bad service at a real restaurant when you can get cheap delicious food at the mall food court or hawker stall and pick up chicks while you’re there?

That’s what the non-millionaire locals do for food in Singapore and it’s a much better option.

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