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For four years he was the president of the territorial university at Albuquerque, though at the close of the third year it became evident that the strain of the executive work and confinement were too hard for him, and his connection during the fourth year was mainly of supervision and general control. As soon as his geological knowl- edge became known his services were in demand as a min- ing expert and during the later years of his life in the terri- tory he supported his family chiefly by practising this pro- fession as strength permitted. 27 Genetic and Structural Relations of the Igneous Rocks of the Lower Neponset Valley. But the more quiet life gave opportunity for a thorough recasting of many questions and formulation of matters which had been in bis Clarence Luther Herrick. A number of articles have already been published in the philosophical serials bearing on these matters and there is a considerable collection of MSS. During his last year there was an obvious failing of physical strength so that long field trips had to be abandoned. So that before his death much of the philosophical correlation of which mention was made in his early life, was effected. On the other hand the teacher with a genuine zeal for his subject, so simple that it never feels the need of self- assertion, already has his battle two-thirds won. His students will feel — vaguely perhaps, but surely — that the interest is not real.

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The student unconsciously detects the real article as well as the sham. Fut given a noble mind, despis- ing the shams which it already sees constitute so large a part of modern life, longing vaguely to realize its youthful dreams of mental achievement and moral victory, in close daily eon- tact with an enthusiasm so pure and unselfish as that of professor Herrick. He was not given to proselyting; there was no direct appeal to others to interest themselves in those things which he pursued. -*; UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LIBRARY A.^ Class Book Volume 550. ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Florence Bascom, Bryn Ma-wr, Pa. Not only were his working hours long, but intensely active. Translated and Modified from Hussak's Tabel- len zur Bestimmung der Mineralien. 5 Ac3r 36 t,euuott ^6-1 $fc UL0C* £ft •-' ,r - & \ *# s t9 ■ : j Return this book on or before the Latest Date stamped below. University of Illinois Library JW 4 I J943 KOV 1 "» t Sl BO DEC 2 W° 1 ^* M32 / , JJL r ( "* A THE AMERICAN GEOLOGIST A MONTHLY JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY AND ALLIED SCIENCES Editor: N. Many of us remember the long quick stride which carried him so rapid- ly from task to task ; it was an index to the energy of the mental machine within.

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