Udi wizard updating toolkit package

WMV/MP4/PSP file“we would like to have MDT 2010 download and apply all critical and security updates during image engineering from the Internet, but the device we are using as a reference machine is in the lab network which doesn’t get Group Policy applied and which therefore doesn’t get the proxy server settings required to connect to the Internet” I covered this scenario in a To enable the reference device to connect to the Internet during Image Engineering, I have a pair of scripts that are added to the task sequence which configure the proxy settings (first script) and then remove the proxy settings (second script) prior to image capture.You could combine these two scripts into a single script with a little re-writing to use command line arguments to add the proxy (/Add Proxy) and clear the proxy (/Clear Proxy) if you wanted to be efficient in your custom script use.You could even just blow the system away and not worry about the data if your policies allowed for that.But for us suckers who care about our users or are forced to care about our users!===== For the latest version of this article see the link below: KB2468097 – A System Center Configuration Manager 2007 MDT Task Sequence fails with "An error occurred when loading the task sequence" Fellow my ITforum blogger Brandon Linton has created a nice post on how to capture and restore USMT data when you are using a 3rd party encryption tool instead of bitlocker.There are typically challenges around this since you usually can’t do a straight up refresh with the 3rd party encryption activated like you would be able to if you were using bitlocker. Here is a snippet: Ok a lot of us are forced to implement full disk encryption and unfortunately most of the time our input into the solution is never requested., over the past few months I have been updating the deployment walkthrough videos and I am pleased to announce that the whole video series has now been posted.In all there are seven videos (around 10 hours of content) – you can see the Remember that you can download the video file (instead of streaming it) directly from the Tech Net Edge web page for each video – look for the “Downloads” section at the bottom of the page to download the .

Whilst this could never be a replacement for a proper monitoring system such as Systems Centre Operations Manager (SCOM) due to scalability and features, it works great for me when working in laboratory conditions; as such, I thought I’d share it here!When working on a client site, the laboratory where I have the MDT server(s) set up along with the test machines is not always in the same place as where I am.This could be for a variety of reasons, but usually it is that the lab area is either too cold to stay in (aggressive AC being used! This can be a bit of a pain where running successive MDT deployment tests as it requires lots of back-and-forth between my location and the lab area; I can usually use RDP to control the MDT server, but not for the computers being deployed because they are usually either in a Win PE phase, or don’t yet have RDP enabled on them.Because necessity is the mother of invention, I wrote a simple HTA program that I use to keep an eye on the progress of computers being deployed.This solves the problem of going to the laboratory to check on a computer, only to find that it is still being deployed!

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