Under the moon dating agency

In doing so, we will maintain America’s leadership in space.NASA’s Apollo Program was a stunning demonstration of the United States’ strength of will and its economic, political and technological power – a feat that inspired generations of young people.Yet, we are just scratching the surface of knowledge about the Moon. We know the Moon can tell us more about our own planet, and even our own sun.We believe the poles of the Moon hold millions of tons of water ice. There is so much more to learn – knowledge we can acquire with a sustained human and robotic presence on the Moon.If we bring together the capabilities and resources of our international and commercial partners to take us forward to the Moon and on to Mars, we will demonstrate to people around the world the power of a unified purpose.It will serve as an unparalleled and inspiring example of what humanity can do when it comes together to achieve a common goal for the common good. The lunar samples returned during the Apollo Program dramatically changed our view of the solar system. The farther humans venture into space, the more important it becomes to manufacture materials and products with local resources.Humanity must build a path to an Earth-independent existence. Our sustainable Moon to Mars exploration approach is reusable and repeatable.

The first element to launch to space will be the power and propulsion element in 2022.

This alternative propulsion system will enrich exploration at the Moon by enabling orbit transfers and reusable space tugs to and from the lunar surface.

Beginning with a series of small commercial delivery missions, we will use new tools and technology demonstrations to conduct more science across the surface of the Moon, and exploit the resources of our nearest neighbor ahead of a human return.

Exploration is in the DNA of our species – the desire to discover and inhabit distant worlds, whether across Earthly oceans or vast regions of space.

It also is critical to the continuation of our species.

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