Updating a pinpoint graph

We highly recommend viewing this property to see the potential it offers.

Potential development (subject to local planing consent), however it should the existing vendors have a 15% claw back on the land (50 year duration) should residential development proceed on the land to the rear of the bungalow.

On the one hand, the syntactic problems are straightforward, if tedious, and the much harder semantic problems may explain why many existing synchronization packages break down.

But on the other hand, perhaps it is the combination of the two that result in so many failures; perhaps software that separates the problems, treating synchronization generically, will be more robust.

Various combinations of device and program, from the same or different manufacturers, produce very strange results on not-so-rare occasions. There is the syntactic problem of extracting the data from the strange device or its storage medium and turning into something manageable, such as RDF.

There is the semantic problem of understanding what the fields mean: can one have two home phone numbers?

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