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Setting up the software is tricky, filtering spam can be difficult, and keeping everything running smoothly is challenging.

You should carefully consider all of your options before deciding to run a mail server.

Different MTAs support different types of mailboxes.

The most common types are the older mbox mailboxes which store all the messages together in a single file, and Maildir mailboxes which store each email in a separate file and support multiple folders.

Every mail server that lets you send and receive email with a local mail client has three separate software components: There are several software packages that can be used as MTAs, MDAs, and IMAP/POP3 servers, and this section will present some of the most popular options.

This guide offers an overview of installing a mail server on your Linode.

It covers mail server configuration, creating mail accounts, and basic overviews of tools relevant to hosting an email webserver.

Visit Linode’s Terms of Service for more information about acceptable use.

If the prospect of managing your own mail server is too daunting, you should consider using a third-party mail service.

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