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She says she hasn't had a cold or case of hives (she had been experiencing both) since going paleo. This living and learning the hard way is not working very well for my thighs!

She is a perfectionist, very cutting-edge in her medical practice & a tireless researcher. Aug 16, 2018 PM vampeyes wrote: Hanging my head in shame, I used Miracle whip in a salad yesterday for dinner and ate some. haha Basement - we think we have figured out the problem.

I just did a google search and read it has High Fructose corn syrup in it, tears I tell you, I have tears for being so stupid, because I just ate a bit of that salad again! Apparently we should have been adjusting the air exchange or turning it off during the high humidity days.

Fingers crossed that this is all it is and an easy fix. ksusan - guess I should get those melatonin out of the recycle bin.

SUPER SOUPSVampeye's Tomato-Basil with Shrimp Soup: https://drhyman.com/blog/2016/07/13/tomato-basil-s...

I was talking pre pec dti and they thought I was talking about under the muscle dti which is apparently a thing here ? I will find out next week as I got a callback and an appt with the ps then.First of all, it's not a diet, we don't count calories. Primal: No wheat, grains, legumes, simple sugars, very VERY little processed food, some dairy.Yes, you read that right, no calorie counting (how many kinds of cool is that? Basically a less restrictive way to go (this was my choice, but I bounce back to hardcore at times).80/20: 80% of your diet is Paleo/Primal, 20% isn't (within reason, don't eat 9 bags of chips and expect to feel good).Vamp - I'm sorry but the first line of your post made me LOL..your head in shame??? Darlin' no beating yourself up while you're in the learning process!Every time you pick up processed food quickly scope out the the ingredients list, if you see canola, soy, sugar, wheat and words that Einstein couldn't pronounce, put it down. You'll find in time that you can determine choices in seconds, honest!

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