Updating mysql database

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Assuming you have the disk space, I'd set up a migration database and copy/merge the data in to it.Step 1: Download the new version of My SQL install version or zip (install version preferred since it is considerably smaller) Step 2: Install My SQL to C:\TEMP. Step 4: Go to C:\TEMP, look for installation and copy the following folders "bin, include, lib, share, support-files". Once copied, go to your xampp folder, rename mysql folder to mysql_old.Install only the My SQL server Step 3: Do not run advance options. create new mysql folder then paste the contents that were copied Step 5: Go to mysql_old and copy the data folder and paste it into your new mysql folder as well Step 6: Go to the bin folder within mysql that is located within xampp and create a blank file.We need to merge an older backed up database (Full tables, not a dump file) with the current one. To avoid downtime on your live machine, use a backup/virtualised machine with the SAME VERSION of My SQL server. ) into the filesystem in /var/lib/mysql/BACKUP_DB (the BACKUP_DB's corresponding directory).Without experiencing any server downtime, how would you do it? While the BACKUP My SQL server is stopped, copy the tables (I assume . Start the BACKUP My SQL server and ensure the data has loaded correctly using scripts or CLI.

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