Updating repository catalogue

The process to setup your own update repository is not really documented and I have been noticing more requests from customers looking for a way to update or upgrade their VMware virtual appliances without requiring access to VMware's online repository.

There are also other virtual appliances such as VCSA (v Center Server Appliance) which ships both the update contents for an ISO and zip file which can then be used with the two other update/upgrade methods.

When you need to update a product's AWS Cloud Formation template, you create a new version of your product.

A new product version is automatically available to all users who have access to a portfolio that contains the product.

Step 2 - Download build shell script and upload that to a Linux based web server which will automatically build out our update repository.

Step 3 - The script accepts two arguments: default repository URL for a particular virtual appliance (from the previous step) and the name of the directory in which the repository will be created.

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The Racket package manager provides different installation modes to support package authors who work with Git repository clones.When a Git repository is specified as a package source, then a copy of the repository content is installed as the package implementation.That installation mode is designed for package consumers, who normally use a package without modifying it.The second is an additional file that is under the pool-package directory which maybe required depending on the virtual appliance in question.I have updated my script to take care of these files in case they are needed for newer versions of the VAMI interface.

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