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*22899: This number updates the on Verizon i Phones.

Running this periodically will ensure your account features are synchronized with your Verizon Wireless account. Unlike the AT&T i Phone which delivers carrier firmware updates through i Tunes, Verizon delivers their carrier firmware updates , with a simple tap to install the update from the phone.

While I’m on the topic, I thought I would post some tips I’ve learned during my switch to the Verizon i Phone that every Verizon i Phone customer should know about.

These are periodically sent out to enhance carrier-specific features, and the over-the-air delivery means not having to sync with i Tunes when updating the small carrier firmware updates anymore!

1-800-711-8300: This number is for , allowing Verizon customers to rent (at no extra charge) a GSM/Global Ready phone before going overseas for international roaming.

*228: This is the number that offers of your Verizon phone to ensure you have the latest roaming information on your Verizon i Phone, making it easier to place calls on Verizon’s roaming network (which you’ll probably run into in some rural areas).

In addition, I’ve also been told domestic data roaming is available at no extra charge, so that’s an additional benefit I see with being a Verizon i Phone customer (AT&T has limited on domestic data roaming).

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