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In this article, we take a look at product activation and troubleshooting steps.Things you should know: In previous Windows releases, when you installed an upgrade version of Windows: if you wanted to reinstall the upgrade version, you had first to reinstall the qualifying version from which you upgraded, reactivate it, then upgrade again and reactivate again. Once you are upgraded to Windows 10 and activated, you can simply create a bootable copy on DVD or USB and reinstall just Windows 10 without the need to reinstall the qualifying version, and it will reactivate automatically.The person who sold it to you probably sold it to 10 other people.Somewhere along the way, one of those persons might have installed it on a second system, activated it.It is also used as a mechanism for copy protection in addition to defining support rights, depending on the product channel from which the software was acquired: Retail, OEM, Volume License, or Trial.With Windows 10, Microsoft has made huge announcements regarding product distribution.Your best option is to reinstall a valid license you have for either Windows 7, Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1, make sure it is activated, then upgrade from that to Windows 10 on July 29th or later.If you maintain your current activated Windows 10 Preview, you should be able to upgrade it to the final release. Activation Error: 0XC004E003 a few days and try again or just leave it and let it activate on its own. Try the appropriate phone number listed here: Microsoft Activation Centers Worldwide Telephone Numbers: your license status: Press Windows key XClick Command Prompt (Admin)At the command prompt, type the following commands:-rearm Hit Enter on your keyboard Exit the command prompt Restart your computer Enter the product key using the instructions Force activation: Press Windows key XClick Command Prompt (Admin)At the command prompt, type the following commands:-ato Hit Enter on your keyboard Exit the command prompt Restart your computer You can also try running the system file checker utility to see if it might resolve any problems that might be preventing product activation.

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If you discover that your license is from MSDN or Tech Net, what probably happened is, you bought an MSDN licensed key, which carries up to 10 activations, unlike full packaged retail licenses which only carry 1 activation.

Click Start, right-click Computer Click Properties Scroll down to Windows Activation and look at the PID It will look something like the following 12345-067-1234567-54321, the portion you are interested in is the three digit section if it matches or is within one or two digits of the examples above you probably have an MSDN or Tech Net key.

They are genuine Microsoft product keys; they are actually retail licenses, but it is intended for a particular product channel – either the Microsoft Software Developer Network (MSDN) or Tech Net for IT Professionals who pay a subscription fee.

The most notable being that Windows 10 is free for existing Windows 7, 8/8.1 users for the first year.

Regardless of this, product activation remains a part of Windows 10.

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