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It only accepts redirects to “ or “https:”, and only to ports 80 or 443. When redirected to an HTTPS URL, it does not validate certificates (since this challenge is intended to bootstrap valid certificates, it may encounter self-signed or expired certificates along the way). Allowing clients to specify arbitrary ports would make the challenge less secure, and so it is not allowed by the ACME standard.

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That file contains the token, plus a thumbprint of your account key.

Once your ACME client tells Let’s Encrypt that the file is ready, Let’s Encrypt tries retrieving it (potentially multiple times from multiple vantage points).

If our validation checks get the right responses from your web server, the validation is considered successful and you can go on to issue your certificate.

使用简体中文阅读本网页。 When you get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, our servers validate that you control the domain names in that certificate using “challenges,” as defined by the ACME standard.

Most of the time, this validation is handled automatically by your ACME client, but if you need to make some more complex configuration decisions, it’s useful to know more about them.

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