Webcams no regestration

Viccon will hand over the scouts to their JTL and Jamboree Troop as they will also be at the Showgrounds and they shall then travel to the AJ2019 site on the bus with the rest of their AJ Troop.will be placed on buses that will drop them close to the Venturer Subcamp.Click Here for the list of what to pack to take to AJ2019.If you have any queries, please flick an email to [email protected] LEADERS: CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR AJ2019!

This contains very important information about their visit, their safety and their clothing for the day.In addition to the main room, we have many channels where you can chat without having to be registered.Less specific rooms , the rest have the camera option , with which you can have a closer relationship and a real conversation.You may wish to consider getting and early breakfast on the way as well.Independent Travelling Youth will be registered and given their ID tags.

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