Who is ed hartwell dating

"I thank you, thank you so much for the village—my family, my friends, people who I don't even know who have reached out, who have supported me, who have sent love, who have sent blessings, who have sent words of encouragement through every way known to man," she continued during the segment.

"It's meant the world to me."In addition to expressing her gratitude, the star had a few points she wanted to clarify, particularly regarding Hartwell's ex-wife, former "Lisa Wu and I have never, will never, be friends," Pulliam said during her show.

After three years of their marriage, Lisa gave birth to her first son, Jordan Sweat in the year 1995.

The couple had another son, Justin Sweat born in 1998.

A pretty big number of women have starred on the various .

And a pretty big number of them have also had a divorce from their spouses since appearing on the show, sometimes whilst still on it and sometimes in the aftermath.

It is not entirely clear, however, what did cause the split.

Ed himself just acknowledged the split in a Facebook post, where he changed his relationship status from ‘married’ to ‘separated’ as well and gave no elaboration about it.

She also said that she has been busy doing some movies which kept her busy.

Lisa Wu, a reality tv show star on Real Housewives of Atlanta has been famous for her show and her divorce and relation with her ex-husband, Ed Hartwell including all her drama with her husband and friends!

After a few years of their love affair, they tied the knot in 1992.

After four years of her divorce, she got married to the American football star Ed Hartwell.

The couple married on and together had a son named Edgerton Hartwell, Jr., born in 2007.

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