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Prior to trial, during the discovery phase of the litigation, Tylo's lawyers won a partial victory in an interlocutory appeal challenging a lower court's order compelling her to answer a broad range of personal questions.The Court of Appeal established Tylo's right to refuse to answer questions in her deposition about marital problems and psychological treatment, although the Court sustained the portion of the order which compelled her to answer questions about her efforts to become pregnant, her husband's ability or inability to impregnate her, and communications with her agent with respect to her efforts and ability to become pregnant.In 1987, she married actor Michael Tylo, with whom she had daughters Izabella Gabrielle and Katya Ariel Tylo and son Michael Edward "Mickey" Tylo, Jr.

Tylo subsequently became well known after playing regular roles in US daytime soap operas.

Shortly after the death of her mother, Joanne Hunter, on November 29, 2009, Tylo married Gersson Archila in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The marriage was annulled on August 30, 2018 due to Court findings of Gersson being of poor moral character; 3 convicted counts of spousal abuse, auto theft, drug paraphernalia, misrepresentation by false identity, and hiding a criminal past.

Hunter Tylo (born Deborah Jo Hunter, July 3, 1962) is an American actress, author and former model. Taylor Hayes (1990–2002, 2004, 2005–2013, 2014) on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Her return to The Bold and the Beautiful (1987) in 2005 as a series regular was a heavily guarded secret by the show.

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