Who is swizz beats dating

In raising little Kasseem, now 11, the two women have bonded and become close friends.It's their connection that inspired Tifrere to write the "blending, co-parenting bible," a term she uses to describe her new book, is love.

It’s definitely divine order because you can’t put a name or description to it, except for the fact that it’s the universe working in the most beautiful way. They’re helping each other grow, and all we can do is guide them.

Swizz Beatz) in 1998, and despite the heartbreak she experienced from a stillbirth, they eventually welcomed their son, Kasseem Dean, Jr., in 2006. The couple separated in 2008 amid rumors that Dean was dating Grammy-winner Alicia Keys, the woman he'd eventually marry in 2010—the same year his divorce with Tifrere was finalized.

An already heartbreaking situation was made even more challenging by a very public spotlight.

In one word, it’s love of self, love of our kids, and love of each other.

I knew that in order for me to get to a point of successfully blending and co-parenting with Swizz and Alicia, I would first have to heal my own pain.

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