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Melissa Barrera constantly shares pictures of her Mom on Instagram, and they are so sweet.

One picture is captioned, "With my two loves: my gorgeous boyfriend and my precious mommy." Barrera's Mom looks just as glam as her daughter in the 2012 snap.

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Nameesther i love u both i really wish u both get married.

For Mother's Day in 2013, Cristian Castro shared a throwback picture.

He said, "More than being your son, I'm your great admirer." The old snap also features Minnie Mouse.

She said, "The two most marvelous people in the world!! The teenager constantly shares pictures of the two making funny faces by her side.

In one picture, she poses with her Mom, and she says, "I love you beautiful mom." With Mother's Day happening in less than 24 hours, we're looking at the sweet (and sometimes funny) ways Latino stars have celebrated mothers in the past.

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Most of the women know who William Levy is because of his roles in different soap operas and because of his looks that is perfect for a man, so no wonder that he has plenty of female fans that would do anything in order to spend at least a day with him or become known as William Levy girlfriend.Perroni made her acting debut in Rebelde, a remake of the acclaimed Argentinean novela Rebelde Way. La Familia was the first Mexican show shot entirely in high definition and ran from March 14, to June 13,and only lasted 13 episodes. She starred in her second leading role in Mi Pecado opposite Eugenio Siller.In Mai was confirmed to star with her previous co-star, William Levy, in Triunfo del Amor, a remake of the Venezuelan classic Cristal.The couple didn’t make their romance public till the end of 2014.The actress made it public during an event when she arrived at the red carpet accompanied by her musician Chilean boyfriend.

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