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The Platinum membership at 12 months gives the best bang for your buck and allows you to fully take advantage of the application and engaging with Ukrainian singles.Bottom line – Ukraine Date is worth the investment, and certainly will help yield results if you put in the time and work to use the application diligently, along with providing the women with a high-value profile of a man worth their time. The app is easy to use, has plenty of beautiful Ukrainian women, and is certainly worth the price tag for a paid membership.With all of that said, we’ve put together a small guide with some tips to follow when using the application (and to be considered for online dating apps in general.) Although Cupidmedia is generally reputable and a leader in international dating, you must be wary of scams.Scams on Ukraine Date are not widespread, but you will run across fake profiles and women whose primary motivation is to extract money from foreigners.

These are glaring “Red Flags” that indicate her sole intention is to scam you into sending money of gifts.It also a great way to establish a vibe and connection.Adding her on Instagram, Facebook or VK is a personal decision.If you’re not already on the ground, Ukraine Date provides an excellent resource for you to start meeting Ukrainian women prior to even arriving in the country.Not only that, it’s also a great tool to have added to both day and nightgame in Ukraine.

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