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And then your dad has an x and a y-- I should do it in capital-- and has a Y chromosome. What are all the different combinations of offspring?Well, your mom could give this X chromosome, in conjunction with this X chromosome from your dad. Your mom could give this other X chromosome with that X chromosome. Well, your mom's always going to be donating an X chromosome. And it works out nicely that half are female and half are male.In some creatures, especially some types of reptiles, it's environmental. It could be maybe the temperature in which the embryo develops will dictate whether it turns into a male or female or other environmental factors.

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And they become very disappointed and they tend to blame their wives when the wives keep producing females, but it's all their fault.This comes in handy when you are traveling or you're in a place with no internet connection.Our free video downloader supports a range of other websites as well, including Facebook, Instagram, Coub, V Live, and many more.You Tube is one of the biggest platforms to watch and share videos of any kind.Often times, you come across a video that you wish to save it for offline use.

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