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One likened the experience to being treated like the proverbial “piece of meat,” but told me it only drove him to focus even more on his studies. Drew Dileo’s in the back of the thing all the time. He’s on there, too.” Is the weight distribution an issue?

All things considered, they were remarkably level-headed guys, which is something that came to mind when I found this article about Taylor Lewan, a six-foot-eight, 302-pound offensive tackle at Michigan, who rides a tandem around campus, usually with somebody else.

Q: What did the zombie say after seeing his neighbor’s new car?

Q: Do dark circles around the zombie’s eyes make him look dead? Q: What did the last of the zombies say to the survives of the apocalypse?

I mention this because once upon a time I tutored college athletes at the University of Pittsburgh, including a few guys who went on to play pro ball.

Q: Did you hear about the zombie who was expelled from school?

Q: What do you get when you cross a zombie with a snowman?

Lewan is a goofball, no doubt, and to act like he’s only riding the bike around to get places would be to ignore his sense of humor, but, all comedic intent aside, he actually using the tandem to get around campus, and it’s not something he takes out only occasionally for giggles.

In fact, given all the comic fascination, his straight and simple responses in this interview seem to suggest he has real talent as a straight man when need be, but also that he simply likes his bike.

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